The objectives of that drive as a first time initiative are Digital Documentation of Diversity, Distribution, Culture Collection and Utilization of Algae,  specially from the state of West Bengal, India.


Algal population with various forms belonging to Cyanophyta (Cyanobacteria), Chlorophyta, Charophyta, Euglenophyta, Dinophyta, Bacillariophyta, Cryptophyta, Phaeophyta and Rhodophyta are all collected, isolated and taxonomically enumerated. Presently 259 taxa are identified. Further work in progress……………………..


The perspective of this data base is to provide information about biodiversity of algae and cyanobacteria form fresh water, brackish water, rice field, hot spring, mountain soil, caves, forest area, and subaerial habitats specially form West Bengal and India. Further work in progress……………………..

Culture Collection

About seventy pure algae and Cyanobacteria strains were isolated and maintained in “Algae and Cyanobacteria Culture Collection” (ACCC) presently housed in Hooghly Mohsian College, Chinsurah Hooghly.


Main focus of this culture bank is screening for potential biofertilizer, high value added products and stress related studies. Unique strains were also identified using polyphasic taxonomy based on morphology, ecology, physiology, life cycle and genomic DNA based molecular markers. Authentic taxonomic validation, quality assurance of in vitro strains and intellectual ethical issues are main challenges. Continuous funding is also another constrain.

Information and Data

Information on this site are mainly based on outcome of recent investigation. This information should always be verified by the user, prior to use, as a part of general practice. Diversity and distributional data are recorded on the basis of the taxonomic name according to standard literatures.